Dr David Klatzow is an independent consulting forensic scientist who conducts investigations into fraud, fire, and ballistics. Skilled in crime scene investigation, evidence collection and investigation into fires including arson,  fires in buildings and vegetation fires.


As a seasoned guest lecturer, Dr Klatzow uses his 35 years in forensic science to discuss forensic science in its many forms, including talking about some of his previous cases as well as the role of forensic science in averting miscarriages of justice.




During my over 30 years of practice as an advocate at the Cape Bar in Cape Town South Africa I have on many occasions made use of Dr Klatzow’s extensive forensic scientist knowledge and acute insight into issues ranging from biochemistry through to gunshot wounds, blood and fingerprint evidence, the human body, fires and their causes and effects, medicine, the insurance industry and life in general. - Advocate William King SC



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Dr David Klatzow

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