Unfazed by controversy, Dr David Klatzow is an internationally recognised forensic scientist who conducts investigations in the fields of fraud, fire, ballistics and blood alcohol analysis. Dr Klatzow has over 35 years of experience in the world of forensic science many of which were during the brutal apartheid years in South Africa. Having investigated high profile cases such as the Helderberg Plane crash, the infamous death of mining tycoon Brett Kebble, the Guguletu seven and the Knysna fires (a coastal town in South Africa, devasted by runaway fires). Starting his practice during the chaos of the apartheid years, Dr Klatzow has gained a vast amount of experience in various matters. Dr Klatzow has given expert evidence in court. Author of two books, "Steeped in Blood" and "Justice Denied", David Klatzow is an advocate for truth and ethics and a fearless opponent of the government when it showed itself to be wanting in those two respects.


His career and experience in forensic science spans more than 30 years, and he has in that time been involved in many and diverse cases of very pertinent murder, political and complicated issues related to forensic medicine in South Africa. He has published a sought after book "steeped in Blood and numerous other scientific publications. - Dr Otto Tanning Cardiovascular Surgeon


Steeped in Blood (2010)

Justice Denied (2014)