Renasa Are You Listening? - The Next Instalment In The Renasa Saga...

Today I am releasing my open letter to Renasa. Read on to see what the next part to the Renasa saga is...

9 August 2021


I address this open letter to the board of RENASA Insurance Company:

More than 2 weeks ago RENASA board member Mr J Rosenberg asked me to assist them by producing a coherent comment on a forensic matter with which there has been ongoing disputes. I responded within 48 hours and sent Mr. Rosenberg a full report setting out my views on the poor quality of the forensic report upon which they were relying for their stance that they were not the insurer required to respond to the claim.

The report ended with a polite request to acknowledge receipt thereof. I am still waiting. As to the report, it is merely a matter of one or two phone calls to any competent scientist to enquire as to whether a chemical analysis is valid if the analysis has been done without a blank and a negative control. This is the crux of their case. I am not asking RENASA to accept my report blindly. The glacial progress of this claim so far, is harming the insured and the reasons for the slow-pace and the reluctance to finalise this claim speedily, is hard to fathom.

I urge you, the board, to launch a simple query with your own investigators or better still, phone any one of a number of competent scientists (I can supply you with some choices) and ask one or two of the pertinent questions that I raised in my comment. I must register my disappointment that I was not accorded the elementary courtesy of an acknowledgement of my report.

Surely you can do better than that Mr. Rosenberg.


David Klatzow

Will Mr Rosenberg respond or will he continue to ignore this pressing matter.... We look forward to finding out.

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