Where Did The Insurance Industry Go Wrong?

Part of the problem with insurance is that the original concept of sharing the risk between all members of the community has been replaced with “make a profit at all costs”.

Most insurers will pay small claims very quickly. This constitutes the greater percentage of the claims load and is very good advertising. When one needs to claim above a certain floor value, it is a completely different kettle of fish. Claims adjustors are often appointed from within the ranks of the company to scrutinise the claim with the specific purpose of reducing it or even better of avoiding it.

The various agents acting for the insurance industry are not objective and impartial. It costs the insurance industry a sizeable amount to appoint them and if they do not save the company money, they will be replaced very quickly. If the forensic investigators involved are not competent, and many are not, then this creates major problems for the insured.

I am concerned with a case at present involving an insurance company called Renasa. They have repudiated a claim on the basis of a forensic report which is fundamentally flawed on good science and demonstrates the incapacity of the forensic investigator to correctly interpret the fire scene and further more demonstrates a failure to understand the chemical tests used to analyse the fire debris.

The insurance company, being ignorant of the science behind all of this, have simply been misled. I have pointed this out to them and detailed the logic of my reasoning. It remains to be seen as to whether the insurers respond in a proper and fitting manner or whether they adopt a glacial speed and allow this matter to drift on interminably. The insured has been waiting for more than a year.

Is this an isolated case or have you had similar issues with Renasa? Let me know on my email: or

Keep an eye out for the next instalment on this matter, in the next blog post.

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